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These days it is easy to get a HIV test done at home, if you are suspecting that you may have contracted this disease somehow or just possibly been exposed.  A lot of times people think its taboo to go in for an STD test, but if you are sexually active and have had unprotected sex with multiple partners or shared drug injection equipment it is very important for you to test HIV. Sometimes people just spend days and even years worrying about the consequences, if word gets around about an HIV test being performed on them. But this is really no excuse, especially in today’s day and age.

At the privacy of your home

If you have any reasons to believe that you may have contracted this disease, test HIV as soon as you can. You need not even worry about going to a clinic or a lab, because now you can do an HIV test in the privacyhiv tests 238x300 Home HIV Test Review of your home. You can even choose to take the test anonymously and receive your results within 1-3 working days.

You can order a Home HIV test online. Once you place your order you will receive a package within a maximum of three working days. Once you have received the package read and understand the instructions carefully before you take the test HIV. Although no special preparation needs to be taken to do this test, you will have to give an accurate blood sample.

You can then mail back the sample in the prepaid and prelabelled package that has already been sent to you. The sample is sent to an FDA approved lab, where it is then scrutinised to find out whether or not you have contracted this disease. On behalf of the lab, absolute confidentiality will be maintained, and you can be rest assured that it will not even show up in your insurance records.

How to keep things confidential

If you really want to be discreet about taking the test HIV you have to exercise some caution from your end too. Don’t just keep the packaging for the HIV lying around casually in the garbage, conceal it properly before you dispose it. Also in a home HIV test, a test ID card is provided to you. If you do not want anybody at home to know that a test HIV has been done, make sure that nobody finds this id. Anybody who has access to this ID can easily call up and find the results.

If you do not test positive, your worries will be over and you can carry on with life as usual without any fear. But just in case you do test positive, do not think that all is lost. Most of these online labs provide help in terms of STD counselling and even physician referral so you can sign on for help immediately. It is also a time when you will need emotional support, so it is recommended that your share your woes with a trusted confidante at this point in time. Whatever the results might be, do  not postpone taking an HIV test any longer.

std testing Home HIV Test Review

Home HIV Test Review4.91666666667hivtest2012-01-02 09:13:04These days it is easy to get a HIV test done at home, if you are suspecting that you may have contracted this disease somehow or just possibly been ex…
HIV Test,STD TestingFrom $105Home HIV Test ReviewThese days it is easy to get a HIV test done at home, if you are suspecting that you may have contracted this disease somehow or just possibly been ex…
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STD testing or testing for sexually transmitted diseases is a must at least every six months, for individuals who are sexually active. Despite the fact that we live in an advanced day and age, people who  otherwise go in for regular medical checkups, just feel too shy to even ask  their doctor for an STD test. There is a notion that STD testing is taboo, and one should not talk even talk openly about such things.  This is why most of the STDs go undiscovered when they are in their nascent stage and can prove to be fatal if allowed to remain in one’s system for years on end.

Lab testing vs. home testingstd testing 300x190 Home STD Testing vs an STD Test That Must Be Done With a Lab Visit

But this is not how it should be. If an STD test confirms the existence of a disease early enough, it can be completely curable, maybe just with a course of proper medication. If you are suspecting STDs there are some tests which must be done with a lab visit. STDs such as herpes, syphilis, and cervical cancer in the case of women cannot be detected through a single blood test or urine test. There are multiple blood tests that are used in various combinations to confirm whether or not you are infected by any of these diseases. In some cases a pap smear may also be required. All this needs professional help and it is impossible to do it yourself.

However, there are some STD tests which can be done at home. This is especially helpful if you are shy to approach your doctor, if you suspect such a disease, don’t wish to have anything in your medical records, or in rare cases if the doctor has refused to carry out STD testing. The STD tests that can be done at home are a Chlamydia test, gonorrhoea test, trichomoniasis test and an HIV test.

Safe and secure

You need to order these tests online in most cases. Once you have ordered one or more tests, an unmarked package will arrive at your doorstep, always shipped discreetly. It generally takes a maximum of three business days for the package to arrive once you have placed an order for a STD test. You will have to take a urine sample, blood sample or a saliva sample and just follow the instructions that will arrive with your package. This method of STD testing not only happens in the privacy of your home, it is also completely safe. Also your privacy is kept intact and none of these tests show up on your insurance record, and your personal information is kept confidential.

Once you have completed the test from your end, you will have to mail the samples as instructed in the pre paid, pre labelled package that was sent to you with the STD test that you had ordered. Test results will be made available to you within 3-5 days of the lab’s receipt. Some online labs also provide help in the form of STD counsellors who you may consult if your STD testing establishes that you are suffering from a disease.

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An HIV test is a must in today’s world; We, normally, come across cases where people have been suffering from HIV for quite a long period of time but they never realized it. In order to get rid of such problems, the person should test HIV at regular intervals just like the regular medical checkup that people undertake at regular intervals.

Types of HIV testinghiv home test urine Rapid Home HIV Test Review

There are two ways to test HIV, one is, by enzyme immunoassay and the other is, Rapid HIV test.

  1. By Enzyme immunoassay, the person will have to take a blood test and then the blood will be examined and after a day or two in a lab setting, the reports will be given to the person.
  2. In a Rapid HIV test, the person can undertake the test and the results will be given in maximum half an hour, and many times this can all be done at home.

Types of Rapid HIV test

There are various methods used to do rapid HIV testing. People, today, are showing their interest in this HIV test because of the quick results that they get. The types of Rapid HIV test are as follows: -

  1. Oraquick – this HIV test is performed with the help of paddle and by this method, HIV 1 as well as HIV 2 can be detected. The samples that can be used to test HIV are plasma, blood or saliva. The paddle is impregnated with protein so when the sample is placed on the paddle, the sample mixes with the protein in the paddle and displays a red line if the result is home test blood Rapid Home HIV Test Review
  2. Rapid HIV Urine Test – this HIV test is a little less complicated than the previous one because the test samples that are to be used are to be a simple urine sample. The urine is placed on the cartridge that contains protein then the sample of the HIV mixes with the protein and a red line tends to get displayed if the result is considered a preliminary positive.
  3. Rapid HIV Blood Test – this HIV test requires blood, plasma or serum from the venipuncture or finger stick as the sample for the test to be conducted. Then the sample is filled in the well of the test strip then the sample in the test strip tends to turn red if the result is positive.

The positive results of any of these types of HIV test needs to be verified by getting a blood test done in a lab because there is a possibility that it may be wrong, or inaccurate.   A “Confirmatory Test” should follow up any positive Rapid HIV Test and should consist of either a Western Blot test or an IFA test.

Advantages of Rapid HIV testing

The most important advantage that a person tends to get from rapid HIV testing is the immediate reports that they receive. Apart from that, the few other advantages are as follows: -

  1. This HIV test is less expensive than that of the other regular HIV test.
  2. Due to less time consumption, the test can be conducted on regular basis and the infection can be found at an earlier stage.

Rapid HIV testing helps people to test HIV quickly and hence, this test can be conducted regularly and many of these tests can be conducted at home as well.  This sort of test is perfect for someone who really wouldn’t go to the lengths to do the HIV testing otherwise, or would like to do testing on a regular basis at home with immediate results.

std testing Rapid Home HIV Test Review

Rapid Home HIV Test Review4.66666666667hivtest2012-01-10 21:33:07An HIV test is a must in today’s world; We, normally, come across cases where people have been suffering from HIV for quite a long period of time bu…
HIV Test,STD TestingFrom $42.00Rapid Home HIV Test ReviewAn HIV test is a must in today’s world; We, normally, come across cases where people have been suffering from HIV for quite a long period of time bu…
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