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Almost no one wants to have to purchase an HIV Test or std testing kit.  They cost money, they’re a hassle and, depending on the circumstances, can open doors to some pretty dark places.  Let’s face reality though, in this day and age, they’re not going to go away.     Since STDs and HIV appear to be here to stay, let’s try to findout 300x262 HIV Test and STD Testing Guidemake the process of detection a bit easier with some Free Information and some guidance as to which STD Testing products are the best, most accurate and most cost effective.  If you’re going to pay for a HIV Test or STD testing kit, you obviously want it to be accurate, but that doesn’t always equate to paying the highest price.

A little information to help you decipher our rating and comparisons chart:  As we go through STD testing kit reviews, we’ll give you the name of the HIV Test or STD test, whether it is a Urine or Blood Test (U or B), whether you can do the entire test at Home (H), or you can do the Sample and Home and send it to a Lab for results (H/L), or if you have no choice but to go into a Lab for the entire testing procedure (L),  and the Time you’ll need to wait for your test results – with more details on everything in the actual full review. is NOT owned by any of the merchants that we refer you to for the purchase of these std tests.  We look for great pricing and service and the merchants that we refer to can change at any time.  This is one of the reasons that we like to get reader feedback.   Regardless of why you search for an hiv test or std testing kits and std information, we are set up to help out.  This site lists some of the top std test kits on the net for a hiv test, chlamydia test, herpes test, syphilis test, hepatitis test and and tells you where you can buy std testing kits online, without getting ripped off.  We’ll also provide a ton of content and much more.  Stick around and come back often.

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Hepatitis test can today be easily carried out by you privately at comfort of your home or office. With provision of online laboratories the hepatitis B test has become fast, reliable and totally free from any sort of embarrassment.  This is the most discreet option of testing hepatitis B which is accurate and instant.


Easy three step hepatitis B test online

To carryout hepatitis B test online a patient has to simply follow the easy three steps. These include ordering the test, visiting a test center and eventually getting optimal results. For this kind of low cost hepatitis test a patient has to basically select the panel of test or an individualized testing option. Then a patient has to complete his or her order online and immediately test. In second step, a patient has to visit over 1800 hepatitis test centers which are spread nationwide and are easily accessible. Eventually, a patient will be delivered results within 72 hours and will simply achieve his or her result via an email. A patient has to only login and view his or her results.


High benefits of online hepatitis test


There are numerous benefits integrated with online hepatitis test. These include the fastest possible service where a patient can order and test immediately. There is nil appointment involved. There are over 1800 centers for hepatitis test nationwide. A patient is assured to achieve his or her result within 3 days. Next, three is free consultation of doctors. A patient can have a telephonic conversation with doctors that are highly specialized totally free of cost. A patient if tested positive will be provided the best treatment options by these professional online doctors. The third essential benefit is integration of the total privacy. In this kind of online tests, the result of the patient will not be appearing on the medical records or insurance records that are permanent without prior permission of the patient. In addition, there is total satisfaction of patient involved. The testing experience is novel and the counselors are present day round to offer instant answers to a patient’s questions.


There is no embarrassment involved in an online hepatitis B test. The testing will only take 5 minutes of a patient. A patient will have many payment options from credit card to savings account of health and eventually cash via western union. The online hepatitis B test will offer the same tests as carried out by reputed physicians and hospitals. The integrated diagnostic laboratories are quite efficient and avail the most sophisticated tests that are available for screening an infection of hepatitis B. The tests usually incorporated are hepatitis B surface antigen test of blood which reveals early indications of hepatitis B virus. The blood sample of patient is primarily drawn at the confidential centers for STD testing. There are no preparations involved in this test. With positive results of online hepatitis B test the patient is bound to attain the best treatment offered by experienced doctors to optimally cure the hepatitis B infection.

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HIV is a deadly virus that attracts the immune system of the body. Till date there is no possible way to kill the virus and the only way to be safe from it is not allowing it to be transmitted in your body. This is the worst STDs as for now and one must be very careful to not get infected.

But what happens if you want to find out whether or not you are infected? It is important that you know that you are infected or not to take adequate measures before your immune system is broken down. aids test 300x225 Difference Between a HIV Blood Test and HIV Urine Test and ReliabilityThere are many ways to detect HIV in the blood. There are even choices as whether you want to go to the clinic or simply do it at home. The test in the clinic is done extremely confidentially and the privacy of the patient is maintained. Basically you can test HIV by blood tests, urine tests and nucleic acid tests.

Blood test

Blood test is by far the most reliable test for HIV. A blood sample is collected from the person and tested for antibodies. If antibodies are present then the person is positive. ELISA test is the most common and only when the person shows positive for ELISA he is sent for Western Blot test. By far the most reliable test is the blood test. It can conform for sure whether or not the person is infected. ELISA test determines the level of immune cells in the body and the increase of the immune cells state the presence of the virus. One point that is to be noted is that this test is sensitive to other viruses too like the common cold virus. At this point the blood sample is sent for a western blot test.

Urine test

A urine sample too can be tested for HIV. This test detects the falling level of antibodies in the urine. Lower antibody level may suggest that that some virus may have affected you. This can mean presence of an HIV virus but it does not state anything for certain. If such is the case the patient will have to carry on other tests for confirming the virus. The test is fast and does not too much of time for giving the results. This method is usually used in free clinics and for anonymous testing.

Both urine test and blood test have their pros and cons. Blood test is very specific test for HIV. It will surely tell you the presence of any virus in the blood and on further test can reveal HIV. It is the most reliable test. But urine HIV test is not very reliable though it does suggest some malfunction in the body. You will have to carry on with further tests if you suspect the virus. But this test can be done within the limits of a clinic and anonymously. You need not meet the doctor and get an appointed to get it tested. Moreover this test is mostly preferred by people who are scared of getting pricked.

Test HIV either with kits or by blood tests and start medication at once to help your immune system!

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HIV/AIDS has been affecting many people in the world and there are a large number of people asking a lot of questions about this infection. It was first recognized in the world in 1981 and ever since a lot of information about HIV as been spread all over the world. HIV is the human immunodeficiency virus that can also lead to AIDS or acquired immune deficiency syndrome. No specific cure for HIV has ever been discovered but medicines that can help improve health of people living with this disease are available. It is not very easy to detect a person with this disease, but through a HIV test, one can easily find out whether she or he has HIV.

aids test 300x225 HIV Testing Laws and the Release of HIV Test Results

These days due to the increased rate of people getting HIV/AIDS on a daily or yearly basis, many organizations and states have come up with ways of curbing the infections. For instance, in some states doctors and laboratories are required to report to the health department the names and number of individuals with HIV infection, illness and also AIDS. The whole HIV testing process is voluntary in most states. To get a HIV test, the testing laws emphasize that one should be willing and not forced to do so, in addition, one should also not be forced to give the names of his or her partners. When it comes to disclosing the names of your partners especially if you test HIV positive, you should work with the doctor and know how you can notify your partners. Some laws require and emphasize HIV testing to take place either as confidential HIV testing or anonymous testing, that is mostly done in special clinics and one is not required to give his or her name.

Release of the HIV test results in most cases depends on the counseling one has received. Conventional HIV test result release usually takes time, about a week or two, although there are rapid test results that can be released within 20 minutes. To conclude, HIV testing and result release laws vary from one state to another and all health departments should understand and employ these laws.

They are basically for people with no alternative health insurance. The HIV testing done in these clinics are quick, easy and convenient. You can call up the clinic and make an appointment. Usually, you need to have a blood test done and then you have to wait for results. You can get the results in a few days. However, you need to be ready to hear any kind of news and do not lose heart if it is positive. People do not die instantly and can live a long life with certain precautions.

Today, you can never tell who has got HIV and so it is better to check out and confirm it. Therefore, if you have any doubt about it then you should get tested and have peace of mind. Generally, to get infected with HIV it takes at least 6 months. The test is basically done so that you can take special care if you are infected and do not spread it.

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STD testing is the basic step towards awareness of the disease. You will have to find out if you are infected with STD. some STDs may be curable, but before this you will have to find out whether you are infected with STD. in case of those STDs that are not curable, you need to know of the presence of the virus also. This is because in spite of being home std test bundle 300x236 Basic STD Test Reviewinfected by the virus you may medically keep yourself prepared so that the virus does not attack the immune system and make you very sick. Some of the common STDs are Chlamydia, gonorrhoea, HIV, Syphilis, Oral and Genital HSV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and Trichomoniasis.

About the Basic STD Test package

STD Testing at home is being increasingly popular simply because it provides privacy and makes the testing confidential. You can buy the kit online and get the results online. You choose the password with which you can access the results restricting anybody else from knowing about it. It is safe and reliable method to find out if there is a virus in your body. The basic STD testing package contains a sample collection material and a pre-paid postal box. You get an instruction manual where you get to know of all that is arising in your mind. You will have to collect the urine sample and/or blood samples in the container provided and send it by the pre-paid postal box. You can drop it in the mail anywhere and it will reach the destined clinic for examination where it will be first tested in the laboratory and then it will be cross checked by a physician.  All the tests are carried out in accredited laboratories so that the tests are genuine.   The STD Tests included in a Basic STD Test are:  HIV, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Trichomoniasis.  However, if you can go to a local lab for your sample, the Basic STD Test can include:  HIV, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Genital Herpes and this option is actually much more comprehensive and affordable.

Where to get started?std cartoon 300x230 Basic STD Test Review

Detection of the disease is the most important part. To get started, after you have confirmed the presence of any std or virus, you will have to immediately see a physician. He will adequately send you to a specialist who will carry on further tests to find out the type of virus. He will then prescribe you adequate medicines to get you rid of the ailment. You can miss your chances if you do not get tested, even chances of survival may be at jeopardy.  Very often the cases are diagnosed in such advanced stages that there are not ways of going back. Early detection also helps in stopping the disease from spreading further. Antibiotics are usually used for curable STDs and the physician may also prescribe you a medicine for local application. With more severe STD cases as HIV the doctor prescribes medicines that will build your immune system so that you are healthy.

There are many companies that are marketing STD test kits. Most of them are genuine and provide you with ninety per cent assured results, but there are products in the market that may not be very genuine. So before buying a product do remember to find the reviews and genuineness. There are special sites regarding STDs and you can log on to them to gather adequate knowledge on the matter.

std testing Basic STD Test Review

Basic STD Test Review4.83333333333hivtest2012-01-10 21:32:53STD testing is the basic step towards awareness of the disease. You will have to find out if you are infected with STD. some STDs may be curable, but …
HIV Test,STD TestingFrom $195.00Basic STD Test ReviewSTD testing is the basic step towards awareness of the disease. You will have to find out if you are infected with STD. some STDs may be curable, but …
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yourSTDhelp infographic blog Top 10 States With the Highest STD Rate
Top 10 States With Highest Sexual Disease Rate Infographic by

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Some of us need convincing that STDs are serious and that STD Testing is a must.  There must be some hint or you wouldn’t be here.  However, if not thoroughly convinced, take a look at some of these STD Fast Fact and then head back to our Home Page and start making some STD Test and HIV Test choices.

  • Estimated number of Americans living with an STD: 65 millionSTD Roland Tanglo 300x270 Some STD Fast Facts
  • Number of new cases of STDs every year: 19 million
  • Number of Americans who will get an STD in their lifetime:  1 in 4
  • Number of unsafe sexual contacts it takes to get an STD:  1
  • Number of Americans who have genital herpes:  45 million
  • Percentage of Americans who have herpes and do not know it: 35%
  • Seconds it takes for a new person gets genital herpes:  30
  • Number of people living with HIV/AIDS in America:  468,578
  • Percentage of those people who are African-American: 44%
  • Number of people living with HIV who have not been diagnosed:  1 in 5
  • Maximum number of days it takes to detect HIV with a DNA by PCR test: 28
  • Estimated total number of cases of Chlamydia each year: 4,000,000
  • Percentage of women living with Chlamydia who do not know it: 75%
  • Estimated cost of Chlamydia complications in the U.S. each year: $2,000,000,000
  • Average cost of antibiotic to treat a case of Chlamydia: $15
  • Percentage of people who have gonorrhea in the throat and do not know it:  90%
  • HIV testing Some STD Fast Facts

  • Percentage of people who have syphilis, do not know it, and develop complications years later: 33%
  • Estimated increased risk of acquiring HIV if infected with syphilis: 5 times
  • Percentage of IV drug users who are infected with Hepatitis B: 30%
  • Percentage of IV drug users who are infected with Hepatitis C: 85%
  • Percentage of straight men and women who have had sex with more than 5 people in the last 6 months who have Hepatitis B: 21%
  • Number of people out of 100 infected with Hepatitis C who will develop chronic infection:  80
  • Every day in America, 12,000 teenagers contract a sexually transmitted disease.
  • One in four teen girls has a sexual disease, with HPV (human papillomavirus) by far being the most common.
  • Herpes can make people more susceptible to HIV infection, and it can make HIV-infected individuals more infectious.
  • It’s 100 times easier to get Hepatitis B than HIV the virus that causes AIDS.
  • There are more people infected with Hepatitis C than HIV.
  • There is now a vaccine that prevents some types of HPV. The vaccine is given in three shots over six months and is recommended for females aged 13-26 who have not been diagnosed with HPV. Most major insurances cover the cost, which is currently $125 per shot.
  • A condom merely reduces—but does not eliminate—the risk of an STD.
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STD refers to sexually transmitted diseases. It can happen to anybody from any age group and irrespective of gender. Although it is spread by sexual intercourse, in the past years there has been a considerable rise in the quantity of STD infected people. All people who have multiple sex partners and do not follow safe sex are vulnerable to STDs. The only way to stop STDS from spreading is awareness of the disease as well as treatment in the first place.

Need for the STD teststds symptoms 300x164 Complete STD Test Review

The STD test is very important because detection in the early stage of an std can save you from a lot of complications. This is the prime reason for STD testing and if you want to feel peace in mind, you must find out if you are infected with an STD.  Many STDs are curable and if you take precautions and medicine in a proper way you may get rid of them.  Some STDs are not curable yet awareness of the disease virus may help you to build your immune system so that you may not develop additional complications and infect others. There are various STDs such as Gonorrhoea and Chlamydia that can be treated and gotten rid of. Certain virus causing STDs as HIV cannot be cured but surely you can lead a healthy life with proper medication. Usually either urine or blood is tested for presence of antibodies which point to the presence of some virus in the body.

Most convenient and safest

STD Testing can be done in many clinics scattered throughout the world. They are very convenient and can provide you with the results in matter of three days. But most people shy away from testing. The reason is that STDs are not seen as common diseases in the society. Those infected are seen as inferior. This is the reason people are very secretive about testing for STD so they do not go to clinics.  The government has taken additional care to ensure that the identity of the person tested is never disclosed. In fact the person who wants to test need not disclose any identification. Still people do not turn up for fear of losing privacy.

The home STD test kit or package is for those people who do not want to visit clinics or go out to a lab. The kit can be bought online and you will have to send the sample to the clinic. All the necessary items are provided in the kit. Even the address of the clinic is etched in the pre-paid postal box container to collect the sample. You have to drop it only at the nearest mail box. The sample is tested in accredited laboratories and clarified by a physician before providing the results to you.  However, the limitations of a home std testing kit is that it is not comprehensive as there are some things that you simply can’t be tested for, or do the sampling for properly, at home.  This is why a Complete STD Test may be a good choice for someone that wants a thorough STD work up.

By getting a Complete STD Test, you are able to be tested for all of the major STDs, get accurate results and have peace of mind going forward.  A Complete STD Test includes STD testing for:

  • HIV Teststd testing cartoon 300x262 Complete STD Test Review
  • Chlamydia Test
  • Syphilis Test
  • Gonorrhea Test
  • Oral Herpes Test
  • Genital Herpes Test
  • Hepatitis B Test
  • Hepatitis C Test


The testing can be paid for online and the sampling done quickly with just one visit to a local lab.  Because this does not go through insurance, you are assured total privacy for your testing and std test results.  When you order your test, you set your online account password and you only can check the result after three days.  Keep one thing in mind.  There are many products in the market that are being marketed in the name of STD testing kits. Beware of fake and inaccurate STD test kits!  If you are looking for a thorough, private and accurate Complete STD Test, this would be the one to go for.

std testing1 Complete STD Test Review


Complete STD Test Review4.58333333333hivtest2012-01-11 17:51:34STD refers to sexually transmitted diseases. It can happen to anybody from any age group and irrespective of gender. Although it is spread by sexual i…
HIV Test,STD TestingFrom $245.00Complete STD Test ReviewSTD refers to sexually transmitted diseases. It can happen to anybody from any age group and irrespective of gender. Although it is spread by sexual i…
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Presently with innumerable availing online STD testing centers, the STD test has become instant and quite reliable. These online STD test centers can unbelievably provide accurate results within 2 to 3 days. The testing STD fees are quite affordable and are highly dependent upon the type of test that is to be carried out. Moreover, a patient has to effectively speak to a counselor in order to achieve the best STD testing option.

Revealing testing windows for prevalent STDs

The testing windows are essentially regarded as the time period prior to an STD showing up in the test after the patient is being exposed to the related STD infection. This time period varies with each kind of STD infection. The time period for a bacterial STDs constituting Chlamydia and gonorrhea is approximately 72 hours from minimal exposure. The STD testing window time period for the STDs that are type specific such as Herpes, HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C and syphilis is approximately 15 days from minimal exposure.   The table below shows specifics:do i have a std 200x300 What Are the Testing Windows for the Most Common STDs

Sample RequiredPossible DetectionMost Likely DetectionHighest Accuracy Detection
ChlamydiaUrineWithin first week2 weeks4 weeks
GonorrheaUrineWithin first week1-2 weeks2-3 weeks
Hepatitis BBlood1-6 weeks6-10 weeks12 weeks
Hepatitis CBlood6 weeks10-12 weeks12 weeks
Herpes 1+2Blood3 weeks4-6 weeks6-12 weeks
HIV Antibody TestBlood3 weeks4-6 weeks12 weeks
HIV Early Detection TestBlood1-2 weeks3 weeks3-4 weeks
SyphilisBlood1-2 weeks6 weeks12 weeks

Revealing online STD testing providers

Today, the online STD testing providers are offering the STD testing results within the same day. A patient will be offered a local STD center in less than 15 minutes. These online STD testing providers also avail their telephone for easy and optimal assistance to the patients. There are over 1600 STD testing laboratories nationwide in order to help patients confidentially as well as instantly. To avail the nearest STD testing location a patient has to call the toll free number provided by these online STD testing providers. In addition, a patient can access his or her results by simply calling the provided toll free number.

All the variable kinds of STD test are undoubtedly integrated with their own tests that are unique. An HIV test is carried out via DNA test or antibody screening of HIV. These specific tests for HIV are not able to detect the other prevalent STDs such as syphilis or herpes. However, for a generalized checkup for all the common STDs, a patient requires a test panel. This panel of testing is a group of tests that are carried out for the commonly occurring STDs that are run at the same period of time. This panel testing comprises of comprehensive eight tests of panel which includes Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, hepatitis B, hepatitis C,  herpes simplex virus type I IgG, herpes simplex virus type II IgG, antibody test for HIV-1 and syphilis rapid plasma regain test.

Besides, there is screening of bacteria which includes Chlamydia, gonorrhea amplification tests and total urinalysis. The panel for early detection includes Chlamydia, gonorrhea hepatitis B, hepatitis C, herpes simplex virus type I and II IgG, herpes early detection, HIV DNA and RPR test. The STD testing is bound to take less than 15 minutes. If patient is tested positive then optimal treatment will be provided to a patient by an authenticated counselor. The online STD testing providers are guaranteed to provide a STD patient best possible STD test and treatment options.

Of course, these are the options for a comprehensive test in a lab setting.  There are a multitude of other options, including many individual tests that can be done in the comfort of your own home.  Read our std testing reviews and go over the chart on the home page for further details.

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A Chlamydia test is recommended for all people over 25 years, who are sexually active. A Chlamydia test can be taken individually or as a part of STD testing at large. Chlamydia is a common sexually transmitted disease which if left untreated can seriously damage a woman’s reproductive organs. There are some visible symptoms of Chlamydia, but it can also be present silently and keep doing damage to your reproductive organs for month and even years at end, without you realising it. For individuals who indulge in high risk sexual behaviour, the Chlamydia test should be taken least every six months.

Chlamydia symptoms

Women who experience one or more such symptoms like heavy discharge from vagina, a burning sensation while urinating,  lower abdominal pain,  lower back pain nausea, fever, pain during sexual intercourse orstdtesting 300x200 Home Chlamydia Test Reviewbleeding between menstrual cycles are likely to have Chlamydia and should take the Chlamydia test as soon as possible. These symptoms usually occur between one to three weeks after one may acquire the infection. Chlamydia can be transmitted during anal, vaginal, or oral sex. Pregnant women should be especially careful, because it is an infection that can be passed on to the child.

Though Chlamydia is a pretty common STD, that can be completely cured by a course of antibiotics, most people do not go in for a specific Chlamydia test or STD testing per se, because it is still considered a taboo, and they are afraid that mere testing for such diseases may tarnish their image. But what they do not realise is that if left untreated it can develop into far more dreadful things like a pelvic inflammatory disorder or lead to infertility in women.

In order to avoid such diseases, it is better to get a Chlamydia test done on time. Even if your test result confirm that you have contracted Chlamydia, you have little to worry about because it will take only a course of antibiotics to get you cured and back on track within no time. Now there are innumerable facilities available and you need not even visit a clinic for a Chlamydia test.

Complete privacy at home

You can order a home Chlamydia test and do the test in complete privacy. Once you order your test online, you will be sent a home testing kit with instruction for collecting a sample. You collect the sample as per the instruction and mail back the package to the address that will be provided to you. There are FDA approved labs that carry out this Chlamydia test, so you can be assured about the authenticity and accuracy of a home Chlamydia test.

Your test result will be made available to you between 3-5 working days, and in case you are positive, you can even get help for the in-house physician of such STD testing labs who will prescribe you the required medication. It is just an infection that can be treated in a week’s time. So get a Chlamydia test done and get your worries out of the way!

std testing Home Chlamydia Test Review

Home Chlamydia Test Review4.83333333333hivtest2012-01-02 09:28:41A Chlamydia test is recommended for all people over 25 years, who are sexually active. A Chlamydia test can be taken individually or as a part of STD …
HIV Test,STD TestingFrom $105.00Home Chlamydia Test ReviewA Chlamydia test is recommended for all people over 25 years, who are sexually active. A Chlamydia test can be taken individually or as a part of STD …
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